You can purchase our Science and French Courses for your Classroom and School here.

Our JC Science Course for Schools is €45 for a full year for all students in your school.
Our complete Science Revision Course, for single users is only €2.99 per user.
Our French course has been upgraded for 2022-23 and costs €45 for a full year for all students in your school, or €2.99 for a single user.
Our NEW Geography course remains free to all users for the time being.

Our courses cover the full Junior Cycle Syllabus including lessons and activities not available in the free versions of our courses.

JC French Revision - Student


JC Science Revision - Student


JC French --- School License


JC Science - School License


Our revision course will help you prepare for all topics in the Junior Cycle Exam and also for end of term examinations in your school. Your purchase can be used for the full three years of the Junior Cycle.

The full school subscription for the JC Science and JC French Course will last for twelve months and can be used by all students logged in to classes set up by you in your school. Your subscription will be set up and working in the next business day after you make a purchase.

Schools who have not yet set up your classes in JCQuest - please email us at to set you up.

Schools participating in the DALDIS 5-country Erasmus+ study on assessment for learning will have full access to all of these courses at no cost until the end of the 2022/23 academic year.